How a Tile Contractor Lays Tiles on Uneven Concrete

Laying tiles on a concrete sub-floor need a lot of preparation, and if you are a good DIY enthusiast, it can be done without using a tile contractor. Only if you take time to level the flooring off, lay a membrane and layout your tile correctly, you are able to improve the appearance of a concrete floor within a short time.

Firstly, clean the concrete using either a broom or vacuum. Follow this up using a detergent, such as tri-sodium phosphate, also known as TSP. Make sure the area is ventilated when using this chemical cleaner.

Check the floor’s level to determine if the concrete is completely level. If it not, then you need to buy a self levelling underlayment in order to create an even surface. If there are any cracks or pockmarks, you need to use a levelling compound or a filler.

Roll or brush on a latex primer on the concrete’s surface. Some levelling underlayment such as LevelQuick, also have a primer that must be used in conjunction with their self-levelling compound. Allow this to dry as instructed on the package.

Mix the levelling underlayment or buy it already pre-mixed. Pour this onto the lowest section of the concrete floor. It will find its own level in time.

Watch where the compound ceases to flow. Smooth the edges down of the compound to the adjoining concrete using a trowel. Then simply wait for it to dry out.

Buy an anti fracture membrane to put over your now level concrete. This stops the tiles from cracking. You can buy this in liquid form or in sheets.

Cut the sheets of the membrane in order to fit the area you will be tiling. You need to use thinset on the concrete, and smooth them down using a trowel. You could also paint a heavy coat of liquid anti-fracture onto the concrete using a roller.

This membrane places an insulated layer between the tile and concrete, so it will move with the changing of the seasons and temperature without causing the tiles to crack.

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