Not Sure What Type of Pattern to Choose in Your Tile Bath?

Bathroom tile designs vary from┬áthe basic to the very ornate and will only be limited by one’s imagination. Tile bath patterns can feature such things as rectangles and squares including herringbone and even a basket weave design. Windmill and pin-wheel patterns are also very popular choices. Oval, hexagon and round tiles can be placed in order to create various interesting designs, and stylish borders and tiles will add that personal touch to anyone’s bathroom decor. The kind of tile patterns installed will create the tone for a bathroom, from┬áthe traditional brick look to a more contemporary pattern.

tile bath workModern or contemporary bathroom patterns can be created by using sleek lines and striking colors. Brickwork is a pattern which has parallel rows of squared off tiles. Hopscotch, however, is a more modern pattern that has 2 different sized rectangles, one big and the other small. The large ones are applied so they are centered diagonally on each other, and the smaller ones will fill the gaps in where they join.

A brick pattern has rows of rectangle tiles, similar to brick work. Each row is installed, so each brick will be centred half-way between the brick above and below it. This gives a symmetrical and repeated design.

Tile bath patterns could also have pin-wheel designs; this means square and rectangular shapes. Four square tiles will be surrounded by smaller ones placed on every corner. The leftover space will be rectangular shapes. This can be repeated as often as a homeowner wants.

The windmill and the other tile pattern offers the illusion of being completely random; however, their haphazard pattern can be seen over and over to provide a type of uniformity. The windmill pattern has small square tiles which are surrounded by 4 bigger rectangle tiles. Each row shows a repeated pattern of a large tile adjacent to small tiles, as well as a rectangle one.

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