What Are the Benefits of Having Ceramic Tile Flooring Installed?

There are several benefits to having ceramic tile flooring installed. It is beautiful, simple to care for, waterproof, and comes with a long life span. It’s considered very cost effective due to the value it offers. These types of floors are very versatile as they can be used inside or outside and come in several colors, sizes, and appearances.

Ceramic tile comes in bright colors, neutrals and wood grain finishes. Even though these are more popular within kitchens and bathrooms, they are in actual fact multi-purpose and can be installed in any room. In warmer regions, a ceramic tile is sometimes used throughout a house in place of carpeting as it is a much cooler choice. Since they can be found in small and large shapes, interesting patterns can be made using the different sizes. Another benefit is they can even be installed onto walls, to create backsplashes, or simply an interesting feature.

Correctly grouted ceramic tile flooring is waterproof and is ideal for exterior patios due to the fact it can be washed with a common garden hose. They are also resistant to frost. Ceramic is simple to care for and only requires sealing every 3 to 4 years. When installing a new floor, it’s wise to purchase and save a couple of extra tiles. Then, if one breaks, it’s easy to repair because the spare tile can be simply installed on the floor to replace the broken one.

Since ceramic is durable, it’s thought to be good value for money. It’s cheaper than porcelain, and a beautifully installed floor is an excellent selling point with a home. Ceramic tiles can fit well with most decors, ranging from more modern to traditional. Installing it isn’t hard so long as care is undertaken. The surface must be clean and dry before any tiles are placed and grouted. Homeowners can do this themselves or hire a professional to do it for them. Ceramic tile is normally highly glazed, and this makes it easier to keep it clean. This is an excellent benefit with ceramic, and it helps to explain why this material is so popular in bathrooms and kitchens.

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