What Are the Different Kinds of Bathroom Tile Flooring Options Available?

24The different kinds of bathroom tile flooring options available can range from traditional ceramic tiles to massive natural stone ones, vinyl, or linoleum to tiny mosaic ones. Each one is available in an array of designs, colors, and finishes to suit multiple styles. The most important part of bathroom floor tiles is that they are durable enough to be able to withstand high traffic in addition to moisture which is inherent in every bathroom.

Ceramic tiles are normally considered as a classic choice for bathrooms. These are made from clay and heated using high temperatures and are regularly chosen because they are durable and water-resistant. Usually, it is recommended to choose unglazed tiles, due to the fact that glazed ones are smooth and are extremely slippery when wet. However, if glazed tiles are preferred, a solution to stop slipping is to place small rugs on the them, and by doing this, it will address the complaint that tiles are cold on bare feet.

Natural stone has many of the same properties as ceramic does. Similar to ceramic ones, natural stone is extremely durable and water resistant; however, polished versions could be slippery, and they are cooler in the winter. Installing natural stone in your bathroom will allow you more access to a wider variety of colors and patterns. Tiles made from this are usually more expensive than most other tile flooring choices.

Cheaper options include laminate or vinyl tiles. These are synthetic, and even though they are not made out of clay or stone, they can be designed to mimic them. Synthetic tiles are easier to install; however, they are not as durable or as water resistant as ceramic and stone are.

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