Our Tile Floor Installation Specialists Offer You Some Alternatives to Traditional Kitchen Tiles.

If you are about to replace the tiles in your kitchen but you are tired of the classic white ceramic look, then you should probably look for a more durable modern alternative. If you have already heard about the tiles which imitate hardwood and are interested to learn a bit more about them, then reading this post, prepared by our tile floor installation specialist is definitely a good start!

If your intention is to deceive your family and visitors that you have installed wood, then you will not reach your goal. These tiles can never be mistaken for hardwood, they are just designed to resemble it and offer a warmer appeal of your kitchen. Although this material is visually interesting, you can easily notice that it it not real hardwood.

types of tilesHow are these tiles made?
They are precisely cut to the micro-inch to allow for super-close placement of tile and thin grout lines. They are durable and scratch-proof – simply ideal for homeowners with pets. They usually imitate the following wood patterns: ash, oak, ebony, walnut, maple, pecan, white birch, chestnut, beech, and redwood.

These tiles are not sized as the regular ones. They come in floorboard type sizes. The most common ones are: 12”, 6”, and 4” wide boards, all of them being 24” long.

If you are interested in tiling your kitchen area, the first thing that you will have to do is contact a tile floor installation specialist like Ceramic Solutions and ask for some portfolio pictures from previous completed jobs to be send to you. If you are based in Knoxville TN, you can either visit our office or contact our knowledgeable staff members at (865) 621-1717 to get answers of all your tile-related questions! We are always happy to share our experience and recommend you the most suitable type of tile for your kitchen upgrade project!